When in Frome....

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When in Frome....

Post  Boz1964 on Mon Jan 01, 2018 5:12 pm

When in Frome, do as the Fromans do.

It was New Years Day and the Merthyr 'Corbynistas' had decided to mark it with an away day trip to Somerset to watch the Martyrs take on Frome Town - a small dormitory town for Bath.

Driving a little like local hero Jensen Button, I missed the turning for the ground, instead hitting a large puddle, which nearly knocked a cyclist off his saddle - not surprisingly
Chris from Frome didn't appreciate his early 'Bath'.

Even though the sky above was ELO blue, the entire area looked like it had been on the receiving end of a deluge of rain, with the Badgers Hill stadium ground officially rated as
'good to soft' by the Jockey Club of Great Britain.

With a large cohort of travelling fans in Frome outnumbering the home support at the Robin's Nest, JC & The Sunshine Band sat in the large stand ready for the entry to the arena of the sporting gladiators.

But after all that Aquae Sulis, then there was always likely to be a 'Spring' in the pitch with the Home Side adapting better in the first half to the bobble of the ball.

But then again the red, red, Robins are naturally used to bob bob bobbing along.

In the stand, unbeknown to us Merthyr Fans, we had selected seats close to the Frome equivalent of Roger Whittaker.

To the annoyance of one of our number, the elderly gentleman went through a 45 minute repertoire ranging from Durham Town, Z-Cars, through to Stranger on the Shore and then to a rendition of 'Sports Report' which made one of our number's teeth itch.

On the sloping pitch, Frome Town had the best of the early exchanges, as they were putting downhill and had the 'whistling' wind at their backs with a bright but weak Winter Sun dazzling our keeper.

He seemed to be distracted with checking the muddy plough lines for Roman coins, as successive clearances by the Home side, sent turnips and parsnips flying into the air.

This allowed Frome Town 7, Jon Davies, to skip through the trenches and fire home the opening goal, after Olly had fluffed a clearance and dived on a cauliflower instead of the football.

Perhaps there was a slight of hand from stadium sponsors 'Special Effects'?

With their confidence in their keeper now dented, the Merthyr defence collectively made their
New Years Resolution that they would protect their goal to a man.

With some brave last minute blocks from Captain Marble, Tancs and of course, the Merthyr Messi they did just that.

The latter putting his 'Harris' on the line on more than one occasion.

Also snarling away, protecting the back four, was Craig Reddy like an escapee from London zoo prowling the Somerset Levels.

Up front, the Holy Beard was doing his best to run off a hamstring strain, he had picked up in the icy cold breeze.

A young Hayley Mills lookalike in the Home Crowd, tugged at her grandfather's balaclava and asked him if Prosser was a different kind of JC.

But he didn't reply, he just 'whistled down the wind'.

As the Half-time came, the players trooped off the pitch with a united dressing room all pointing the finger at Olly for getting them into 'another fine mess'.

With the limping Prosser and Matthew Harris carrying a knock , the Management decided they only had one option.

They sent Gavin Williams into Frome Town centre to find a red phone box for him to change into.

Tearing off his free Sheppie tee-shirt, to reveal a red S on a yellow background, he then proceeded to change the game.

Warning young Harry Franklin to stop trying to pass the ball forward to Stuart Fleetwood and Eliot Richards- as they no longer played for us- the number of misplaced balls dramatically reduced and eventually the stage was set for the Kerry Morgan Show.

Galloping up the muddy right wing like a miniature Shire Horse, he pulled the Frome defence out wide before cutting inside and unleashing a shot that miscued wildly firstly to Traylor, then after another miscue onto Captain Marble, who lashed the ball home for the equaliser.

No one in the Merthyr Stand behind the goal could understand how we had managed to break down the stubborn Frome defence, but all 32 Merthyr players on the pitch celebrated as one.

And things were to get worse for the Robins, as their red-breast then turned into red face, as they looked for a non-existent offside ( he was at least two tractor tyre marks onside),
Ian Traylor slotted the second with a sublime lob over the advancing keeper, Kyle Phillips which had the Away support in raptures.

Having switched stands to avoid the annoying whistler, our teeth-itching supporter now had to endure the increased volume of the Valley equivalent of the Little Drummer Boy.

It was a case of Boom, Boom, Shake the Frome, as Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince of Wales celebrated the impoverished Martyrs winning away for the first time in 2018.

With the loss of their main striker, Jackson to Chippenham in the January Transfer window, it should have come as no surprise to their masculine team that there was likely to be a Mendip in Form.

The frustration came out late on in the match as their Captain Teale was sent off after a tussle in the box with the Merthyr Panther, with both players seeing Reddy, and resulted in a bizarre penalty box drop ball which fortunately was snuffed out by the combined Merthyr defence.

With Frome still Fuming, Ian Traylor took the ball into the corner to secure the win and as the referee blew the final whistle, it was only by restraint that our irritated Twynyrodyn based fan was prevented from entering the field of play and shoving the remaining drumstick where the Somerset Sun no longer shone.

But when in Frome you must do as the Fromans do and show some decorum.

A wonderful result in turning around a half time deficit which is testament to the spirit of the wonderful players that represented our Club today on the pitch.

To call them a 'Band' of Brothers does not do them justice.

Unlike the percussion section in the stand they are increasingly proving 'hard to beat'.




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Re: When in Frome....

Post  OWNES1 on Wed Jan 03, 2018 4:39 am

You can write my manifesto any day, should I get elected.


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PC Correct

Post  Boz1964 on Wed Jan 03, 2018 11:30 am

Entitled :

I thought the Law and the Law won?



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Re: When in Frome....

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