You Can beat a Bit of Bully

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You Can beat a Bit of Bully

Post  Boz1964 on Tue Dec 26, 2017 2:45 pm

You can beat a bit of bully at Christmas.

Hereford FC are a big Club with a big City following.

Too big for this Division.

Whilst I would like to see them regain their League Status (especially for the financial support from one of their fans) selfishly, part of me wants them to remain in our league for another season.

The reason?

Today, they brought a herd of away Bulls not seen the High Chaparral finished on television.

It was great to see an away support that created a wonderful derby day atmosphere in the ground at the Park that the 'ole' lady of Penydarren deserves.

If the stadium had a voice, it would say 'this is more like it'.

The Theatre End was full, the newly Christened Colin the Monk Stand was full and the Onanistic Bank too.

The tills rang with sales, the food counters were busy and a good time was had by all with a rarified atmosphere, and a real feisty but fair encounter on the 3G pitch.

Hereford brought with them their own conductor for the last night of the Poms (Pomagnes that is), as the cider-enhanced Simon Rattle, led the English Choirboys in song to the amusement of those sat in the John Major coloured seating.

With the Hereford Fans on mass on Brecon Road, there may not have been much
'room at the inn'  left for the Twelfth Tribe of Merthyr - the Wandering Views-who had returned to the Promised Land on mass, following the abdication of former prefects,
Pontius Pilate and King Herod, to defibrillate our ailing Club.

And just to add to the biblical feel to the day, there were a number of Judas Iscariots on the pitch too, as St David in the form of Merthyr Town took on the Hereford Goliath, in the hope of another giant-killing feat.

The Martyrdors put out their strongest starting eleven possible against the Bulls, including a rare start for veteran striker, the Holy Beard, who was still a little 'hungover' after celebrating his birthday yesterday.

Happy 2017th Ryan.

It was great at last to see a tall player up front who could lead the line.

By holding up the ball, flicking it on and playing other players into space, it allowed the prolific goal scoring partnership with the amazing Ian Traylor to be renewed, even if there was one first half occasion when the pair had a Mike n Bernie Winters falling out.

At the back Hereford had a lithe young centre half (6) who reminded me of a young Michael Dawson.

I believe he was called Jack Deaman and he stuck to his position, not allowing anyone to
'pull him off' in either direction.

He was the rock at the centre of the Hereford defence and the reason his side came away with a surprisingly clean sheet.

He was ably assisted by former Martyr, Ryan Green,  who to be polite is now in the Autumn of his career, but is still capable of cutting it at this level, and whilst he may have lost a yard or two, still has impeccable timing and executed one block tackle on Ian Traylor that was clear evidence that he has played at a more professional level.

But time waits for no man - especially an English Country Greenman- and as he tired in the latter stages of the game,  I found out why he was called Ryan Green- as most of his clearances ended up knocking the moss of the main stand roof.

It was great to see so many new advertising hoardings around the ground too, including amongst others RJM Solicitors (plug plug) and of course local lap-dancing club Toolstation.

The highlight of an excellent first-half for me, was the Jaye Bowen viagra shot from distance
(it just kept rising) , which was reminiscent of the famous Ronnie Radford drive that lives in the memory of every Old Hereford Heffer.

On the field of dreams, there was no love lost between former teammates Adam Davies and loanee Cameron Pring, and Keyon Refell or between the two Ryan's -Prosser and Green- with the latter Bull starting to lose his 'rag' late in the game, when he struggled to contain the
'Full Ponty'.

Putting his face in the beard of the Merthyr Forward petulantly, which means Prosser will have to have it dry cleaned of fake tan before the Frome game on New Year's Day.

Half-time came and went with the comic book referee, 'Mr Burns' waving play on attempting to play the advantage rule, usually to the detriment of both sides.

Whether it was the Christmas sprouts or otherwise, but he was making more hand gestures than Sooty in the nude.

With both defence on top, the game result was one mistake or one stroke of genius away from making a player a hero or instant zero.

Fortunately, the Hereford chance fell to former Martyr KeyonO RefellO, who after a great through ball from the left found himself in the clear with only Oliver Davies to beat.

I am sure the Harman lens will confirm that he winked at the Merthyr Fans before hitting the corner flag off the pole with his shot.

At least that will be his explanation to his Manager tonight.

And the Merthyr chance fell to substitute Lewis, on or around the 79th minute, when after Prosser having been continually fouled by the tiring Green, forced the veteran Bull to fall backwards (partly down to the weight of the 13 pieces of silver in his shorts pockets).

I feared the worst but his zimmer was okay- (no Greenstick fracture) but in the confusion, young Lewis was free and in on goal with only the keeper to beat for him to put the ball a yard wide to the dismay of the Merthyr Fans.

Other incidents came late on as both sides refused to settle for a point.

Average Hereford striker, run of the Mills, threw himself to the floor after being outmuscled by the excellent Jarrad Wright but fortunately Mr Burns flatulently waved play on for the 400th time and in the closing stages, Ian Traylor forced their keeper into a double save late on, with only a sublime piece of goalkeeping acrobatics and the Horsell Hoof preventing Merthyr from taking the three points.

If Hereford miss out on the Championship by two points, then they will look at this time as their Jim Bowen Bullseye moment.

'Look what you could have won'.

Overall, no-one other than those born under the star sign Taurus could argue that the Home Side didn't deserve all three points, and the Merthyr Faithful must be in awe of the performance our remaining players gave today - as they did our Club proud.

A special mention for one of the local lads Craig Reddy , who today for me set the tone with his formidable tackling and off the ball running.

He did more closing down than the Toys R Us chain.

And finally for a change to end on a negative note.

Shame on those Hereford Fans that came to Merthyr today to cause trouble.

I would like to say that they were in the minority but I witnessed a group of at least twenty of the Green Street ( Not where Ryan lives) brigade fronting up to around four police officers, one of which was armed with a camera (I don't think he was filming watch out Beadle's about) near the Tregenna Hotel entrance, and several passing pensioners and young children
(our usual crowd contingent).

These throwbacks from the 1980's brought shame on an otherwise wonderful Hereford Community Club.

As the match was all-ticket for the Hereford contingent, then our fellow Fans Owned Club need to take 'a Firm' stand to root out these troublemakers, so that their genuine football fans do not get tarnished with a reputation they don't deserve.

These 'Bully Boys' need to grow up.

It isn't called Boxing Day for this reason.



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Re: You Can beat a Bit of Bully

Post  OWNES1 on Wed Dec 27, 2017 1:25 pm



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Make mine a double

Post  Boz1964 on Wed Dec 27, 2017 3:01 pm

Good darts Ownes.

Best to buy both of the Sheppy t-shirts for me.

Boz santa

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Re: You Can beat a Bit of Bully

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