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Linnet to Win it

Post  Boz1964 on Sat Dec 23, 2017 12:59 pm

Linnet to Win it.

To win any league you need luck and a helping hand from the officials.

Today, Evostik Southern Premier League Leaders Kings Lynn FC had both.

The High flying Linnets - poor relations of Norwich City's canaries -arrived at Penydarren Park with their new blue passports on display to gain access to the ground and promptly parked the bus.

They were then given an early Christmas Present of three points by the amusingly named referee Bob Cockle.

After this performance today, I doubt he will have a warm whelk-come next year.

It took only six minutes on the clock for Kings Lynn to register their winning goal and it came from their centre forward Michael Gash.

Of course, a section of drunken irregular fans to my left had a different version of his surname, and prompted several of the stewards to suggest they refrain from its usage.

On the field, Merthyr had in goal their third different keeper in as many weeks and today that keeper was Oliver 'Boomerang' Davies.

As if tied to a bungee chord, the reincarnated form of 80's legend Gary Wager, came back to help our club in crisis, after both Cameron Clarke and youngster Ed Hewitson had been injured 'on the line' of duty.

He could do little about the first goal, as Gash was a cut above the rest, as he slotted the ball passed the on-rushing keeper following their one smart move of the match.

I was a little concerned before the game, that there was likely to be a clash of colours, which would cause a problem of identity for the referee- as Kings Lynn were in the red and with the accounts assessed by the interim board - Merthyr Town were too.

But unfortunately for Town, the official soon worked out which was the Welsh side, as they were the only players he had decided to book and treated Kings Lynn like they were Royalty.

He was certainly no Bruce Forsyth- as he didn't play his cards right and seemed to favour the Away Side with a lot of his decisions.

It is a fact of footballing life that when your luck is out - you rarely get the rub of the
Damian Green in your favour and today was no exception.

The near sided linesman must have been long-sighted for a few of his decisions and on occasion, I really wished he had stayed in Wichita.

Merthyr put out a much stronger, more senior team against the Kings Lynn Stars than against Basingstoke, to try and gain an advantage using the 'speedway' of Corey Jenkins and Ian Traylor.

Unfortunately, these particular Norfolk birds weren't on the Christmas Menu and refused to be stuffed by the Merthyr attack.

Once again for all Merthyr's industry, it could not be converted into goals, as the Linnet's Captain and goalkeeper Alex Street was determined there would be 'no entry' in the goals conceded category in this particular match.

The closest efforts came from the eponymous Ian Traylor, who made more runs than the England Ashes team but sadly could not find an end product that his hard work deserved.

Even when Matthew Harris conspired to get his teammate Jarrad Wright sent off,
(after a hospital pass that Jeremy Hunt would have been proud of) Merthyr didn't look outclassed by the top side in our division.

Kings Lynn did a good semi-professional job of securing an away win with a combination of gamesmanship, time-wasting and of course a hard working organised defensive display that was harder to break down than the plastic jetsam in an Attenborough Blue Planet documentary.

The slightest physical contact and the players seemed to nosedive quicker than the value of Post-Brexit Brit-Coin.

The Norfolk outfit didn't 'Ouse' class but had that look of side dressed in red n white that could 'win ugly' in the George Graham mould of Steve Bould.

As for Merthyr, our 'pitch volunteers' can't be faulted for effort and their loyalty is worthy of the rapturous applause they got as they left the field, with several of the players looking disappointed like they had been cheated at cards.

After some of today's decisions and with an empty pot off the field, who can blame them.

But if our club proves to be insolvent surely the best league for Merthyr Town to remain in is the Evostik ?

Or do we bite the 'pullet' and consider a more economic option of ground sharing with Merthyr Rugby Club with an 'egg- chasing' venture.

Perhaps then we can once more be innit to win it.

Either way, I hope we can last till Easter.



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