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The Miles High Club

Post  Boz1964 on Wed Dec 20, 2017 4:29 pm

The Miles High Club

No-one can deny that Merthyr Town Football Club is the Home of Champions, whatever our League Position this season.

But last night, we were blessed with the visit of both the Welsh Barber of the Year and the most exciting footballing prospect in the South Wales Valleys.

Coincidentally, they were both called Miles.

Now the latest innovative fundraising efforts of the hardcore fans at the Park View Martyrs included a visit of a local celebrity barber ( you get rewarded for Hair Miles?) and support from our former Manager Gary Shepherd in the form of free t-shirts to help the club out of its financial crisis.

Their ingenuity and passion to save the Club seems to know no bounds.

And as usual, you can always rely on a Good Shepherd too at Christmas.

Having purchased my limited edition model t (you can have any 'colour' as long as it's black) bearing the names of some of our most famous players Holvey, Beattie, Williams & Webley.

Unfortunately, with the folds and belly rolls that I currently possess,  you could only see
Holvey & Webley poking out.

As it was 'pay what you want' night at the turnstiles, I witnessed one local fan asking if he could pay with 'Magic Beans'.

Clearly he had got the name of our opponents wrong.

It was not Beanstalk Town but Basingstoke Town.

However, as I was climbing over the security fence ( I think I picked the wrong game to do so this time), I noticed that there were in fact one or two 'giants' in amongst the away side.

Whereas our Management had just like the 'cutting Crew' in Romans opted for
a 'short back and sides'- favouring youth over experience with only a smattering of senior players in the miniature starting line-up.

After being knocked unconscious on Saturday against Kings Langley, goalkeeper Cameron Clarke had an enforced stop-over in the Watford General Hospital  and was unavailable for selection being still on a strict diet of vinegar and brown paper (A big shout out to the other unsung hero Secretary Jamie Mack for staying behind and looking after him long after the team coach had departed) .

The only available keeper was one of our Subbuteo Heroes of Chesham, Ed Hewitson, to guard between the sticks.

Despite looking like a solitary matchstick in an empty matchbox, the youngster bravely defended his goal like his life depended on it.

And that event nearly happened too.

With the heart of a lion cub, Simba the Line King, punched more balls than Vinny Jones' Wimbledon side of the late 1980's, until he was flattened by one of the Basingstoke Defenders before limping off with another 'Ed' injury.

At one point in that collision, the braveheart was literally standing on the shoulders of 'Giants' before crashing to the ground in the penalty box.

After a dour first half, referee Dale Wootton brought the halftime to a close with the score line goalless thanks to no little part played by Hewitson.

The match official seemed preoccupied with trivial decisions like having a word with Gavin Williams and Dean Clarke after the best move of the game with ball on the sidelines which the referee saw as 'time wasting' but not booking the Basingstoke assailant for clattering the keeper.

After I had finished ringing Esther Rantzen's child line, I berated him too for not protecting our young players more.

Now to say that this Basingstoke side are not likely to set the league on fire, is an understatement and I believe that had we had a more experienced side out we would have captured all three points with ease, as they looked fragile at the back and shot shy at the front.

What efforts they had were blazed over ( Blazing Stroke Town?) or went wider than a learner driver in Cardiff Road, Merthyr Vale.

Now this Basingstoke Town team came with 'glowing references' and with most of their players living in close proximity to the Aldermaston Nuclear Research Centre then we probably could have saved some donation money and played the match without floodlights.

If the Away side looked like they had eaten their half-time porridge, it was our own homegrown Reddy Break that won the day.

Time after time, local boy Craig Reddy mirrored Ashley Evans and stunted the attack of the Hampshire Outfit.

In midfield the Merthyr Messi, Matthew Harris,  was finding more and more space thanks to the tireless running of Hereford loanee and Midfield Dog of War, number 8 Harry Franklin.

That boy is a real prospect and like warm dog excrement on the pavements of Park Ward, Merthyr was everywhere.

He was shit hot too- and a future Merthyr Dog Messi.

But as has been the story of this topsy-turvy season, Basingstoke took an undeserved lead from a corner.

It was scored by their substitute centre-half, Callum Bunting.

He slotted a downward header passed his opposite number, Jarrad Wright, playing in goal as a late replacement for the son of Hewitt.

The Basingstoke Management had played a masterstroke by putting the bunting out and could now celebrate.

Now to say Wrighty is our most versatile player is an understatement.

He has played for Town as a centre half, midfielder and now as goalkeeper.

Rumours of him being appointed as the new Chairman continue apace.

Although also in the running for the 'top job' is the immaculately suited and booted Douglas Neagle.

Standing in the football tunnel, he mentally headed and kicked each ball, as if he was our twelfth man, leaping in the air when we scored our late equaliser.

In the immortal words of the Bette Midler song- you can't get higher than a Neagle.

And what a goal it was too.

With time running out on 84 minutes, a cross from the right wing from man of the match
Harry Franklin looked innocuous but was met in Paulo Di Canio fashion by the on rushing Miles John.

Twisting in the air like he was a cast member of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, he volleyed the ball back across the keeper into the inside netting to provoke much delight from the partisan crowd.

As he ran to the gathered Park View Martyrs in the corner of the David Miles stand, it was a just end to a game that the young Merthyr teenagers did not deserve to lose.

As Miles John got closer and disappeared below the advertising hoardings, the Park View Martyrs were ecstatic as they joined the Miles High Club.

It was a deserved reward for their outstanding efforts in crowd funding our Club - even if most of the Faithful looked perplexed as they thought he had produced a second piece of magic with his disappearing act.

Pleading with the referee to blow up early, the Stand behind me wanted a result not for themselves but to continue the belief and confidence these youngsters have brought to the club.

As the whistle blew to signal the draw, it was a proud moment and one I will never forget.

Miles better than any goal I have seen in recent years at Penydarren Park.


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