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Mercia, Mercia Me...

Post  Boz1964 on Sat Nov 04, 2017 3:09 pm

Oh Mercia, Mercia, Me.

Sat on my bed , once again as a guest of Sir Lenny of the Henry, it looks very much like I am in Cadbury World.

Whilst I am in fact in Redditch, Merthyr's opponents for today's match, the empty discarded chocolate wrappers give it a very 'Bourneville' theme.

Whilst my stomach is full of confectionary, it was nothing compared to the 'sweet ending' at the Redditch Valley Stadium today.

With Merthyr trailing 1-0 with seconds left on the clock, enter centre stage midfielder
Kyle 'Valley' Copp to the chase,  to snatch a late leveller for the Welsh Outfit to assuage
(Ownes' word of the day) the obvious guilt that the referee felt for his part in the opening Redditch goal.

Now some will say that a side like Redditch, currently placed in the top ten of the Premiership, are the Evo-yardstik of measurement of our footballing progression this season and if we are to achieve promotion to the Holy Grail of the Conference, then it is sides like these we must beat to do so.

But we must be realistic, as there are parallels between the New Town of Redditch and the New Town footballing side of Merthyr.

We have similar population sizes, similar social problems and both have a 3G pitch and community clubs to be proud of.

But that is where the similarity ends, as their Chairman has a 2017 Maclaren sports car for his hard work and effort, whereas ours for his part in saving our club from going the way of the dodo merely a Welsh Assembly sponsored bus pass.

So, it was pretty much written in the stars that a draw was on the cards between the two clubs.

Looking down at the Redditch home programme, the depth of talent and variety of surnames on offer for the home side made great reading, as evidence of the wonderful Cosmopolitan Nature of these Great British Isles.

They had players with ties to the Congo, France and even the Third World Country of Solihull on display, whilst the Merthyr Town side had more Davies's than the other 'Away Side' - the cast of Rorke's Drift.

With one of these boyos, Adam Davies, proving today that he equally deserved a medal for his valiant 'defending' from crosses ( Victoria or otherwise) after the late siege on the Town goal.

It was a brilliant last stand at Redditch not seen since the late 1980's, when the Merthyr Dregs Firm Choir had a close encounter with some Birmingham Zulus who had mistaken them for Cardiff City Soul Crew .

Back in the dark old days of the decade of Duran Duran, Nik Kershaw and Robert Palmer, the battle for terrace supremacy often mirrored the violence on the pitch and with Redditch being the World's greatest manufacturer and exporter of needles then such Anglo-Welsh fixtures was always likely to attract the odd prick.

Fortunately today, the focus was on quality football and most of it coming from the flanks of Merthyr Towns attack from 'Wild Boys' Kerry Morgan & Ian Traylor.

Particularly in the first half, the Welsh Warriors had the advantage in terms of possession and creativity, even if wave after wave crashed vainly against a resolute Redditch defence made up of such power, height and muscle of Olympic Medal quality, not seen since the film
'Cool Runnings'.

And even if the 'toothless' Tigers of Town had possessed the ability to hit the target, then they still had to get past the last line of defence in the shape of on loan WBA goalkeeper Ethan Ross.

It was obvious he was from the Hawthorns, as he was the only one on the pitch clad in the antiquated oversized 'Baggies' shorts.

Off the pitch, the Merthyr Fans had also declared this match to be 'retro' day and sported moustaches and beards that would not have looked out of place behind a South African Mission Station sandbag.

As the half-time whistle blew, the Gerard Kiley Tribute Act ensemble made their way to the Redditch bar for some liquid refreshments, sporting more DAI Caps than a museum dedicated to the non-league international and Ebbw Vale legend Webley.

No sooner than the second half hostilities on the pitch had restarted, than so did the good natured terrace banter amongst the fans too.

Whilst some of the songs that formed part of the rendition of the Prince Albert End was not suitable for Victorian children, the locals began to show signs of reaction to an invasion of Welshmen not seen since Offa's Dyke began to crack.

A change in battle formation by the Home Side led to a much more even second half, with Redditch threatening the goal more and more with the leading Premiership league scorer Dior Angus looking to 'beef' up his goal tally.

But he was well marshalled today by Man of the Match for me - Adam Davies -who was more accurate with his timing than a Swiss watch.

As the showery weather improved, so did the tempo and pace of the game, as both sides tried hard to get that goal advantage which would turn one point into three.

And that privilege fell to the 'King of Lyon' Kevin Da Vigo Monteiro himself.

The quality Frenchman always looked the most likely to get 'Une' and settle the outcome of the match and on 83 minutes with an assist now credited to referee, Scott Postin, he broke the deadlock and Oliver Davies' heart with a low drive into the corner not seen since 1997, when
'Nicole met Papa with her provisional licence' in that Paris Tunnel in the still untraced Renault Clio.

It seemed that despite the early needle that Redditch had 'sown up' all three points and an unlikely and undeserved victory.

But recently our substitutions have backfired more than a damaged Renault Clio exhaust and today 'lady luck' finally dealt Merthyr a hand.

With Kyle Copp on the field for less time than a Kerry Morgan season, he hit a hopeful shot low and hard passed the outstretched arms of the loanee WBA keeper and it boing, boing, boinged into the net, to the delight of both the writer and my Durham/Qatari/Wycombe Wandering Son.

It was the best Netflix episode I have seen since Kevin Spacey was forced to quit.

1-1 and a thoroughly deserved away point- and more than that a cornerstone to build and resurrect our season upon.

Redditch faces all around, as it was now the Home sides turn to look embarrassed.

For a change, they had let their lead slip and not us- Sloughstyle.

Instead of killing off the game, they had let us back in.

Oh Mercia, Mercia me....what a difference a late goal makes.

It's marvellous when it's yours....


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