Children's Hour

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Children's Hour

Post  Boz1964 on Sat Oct 14, 2017 12:13 pm

Children's Hour

Poor Gosport Borough- no - not the plucky set of youngsters on the pitch today but the Club itself.

It's times like these when you need a drop of God's Port just to get through a Saturday afternoon.

Like the Merthyr Tydfil side of 2009/2010, they have less money available than a Post-Brexit Chancellor and therefore had to play a lot of their youth team at Penydarren Park this afternoon.

Normally, the players lead out clutching their mascots hands, but the Gosport side were so young most of them were clutching their Mother's hands.

It was hardly worth leaving the sanctity of the Park View for, as the game threatened to be more of a mismatch than the time Arnold Schwarzenegger arm-wrestled Pee Wee Herman and with Merthyr scoring in the very first minute of the game through Eliot Richards that proved the case.

In fairness, most of the Gosport Team were waiting for the dinner-bell to sound before starting out to play.

And it was like deja vue and Tuesday night all over again, after Ian Traylor had opened his personal account on 5 minutes and the game was effectively over as a contest.

However, the cast of Gosport Glee didn't let their young heads drop and in fact despite being two down so early, their supporters were far from subdued and began to sing and support their 'young lions', as they bravely defended against the rampant Traylor and the Lightning pace of Corey Jenkins.

New kids on the block they may have been, but they went at the contest like Gareth Gates crossing the Jordan.

Some of the Gosport players were so young that they weren't eligible to be sponsored by Gillette and one of their number was so small they had to put him on the shoulders of another player to guard the back post to defend a corner.

No sooner than our newly appointed club chaplain had finished eulogising that
'blessed are the children' than Merthyr were three- to the good.

It comes to something when Ashley Evans out-jumps the defence for a flying header but that is just what happened and resulted in Eddie Thomas blowing the dust off the former Hoovers Cricket Scoreboard just in case.

If Borough's 'cabin boys' thought that Merthyr Town would be 'our haven' then they were completely wrong.

In a Town that has spawned Rolf Harris and Lost Prophet Ian Watkins they always needed to be careful.

Having scored their third,  the game suddenly went flat and the young Gosport outfit started to find their size three feet.

Fans in our stand were concerned for the welfare of the ginger, pint size number 3 Frankie Paige      and the likelihood of him being injured, as our 3G was not really a soft foam play area, but they needn't have worried, as the Gosport lion cub was more Alan Ball than tennis ball.

The hungry British Lion tackled like a Leeds United player of the 1970's and had a throw-in Rory Delap or Welsh Hooker Scott Baldwin would have given his right arm for.

In goal too, Gosport had another quality prospect destined for better things in the shape of talented youngster Lewis Watch.

With a surname like that he was bound to be good with his timing but time after time,  he saved the Bad Lads Army 'second-handedly' by keeping down the score down at half-time to just three - nil.

SuperGav was heard muttering to himself as he went down the tunnel- 'They haven't got a would have been six if it wasn't for those meddling kids'

Dean Clarke knew the game was over and put down the tactics board he had borrowed from the local dinner lady to warn his players with no full- backs available for the match to
' Stop- Children Crossing'

With the second half restarting, the Management were wary about making too many changes, after the Slough turn around, so decided to make just one and leave Oliver Davies in the changing rooms until he was needed for action.

After 70 minutes, he decided he better put in a guest appearance and came out once Corey Jenkins had gone full plumb centre with a tap-in.

Even when Ian Traylor added the fifth on 72 minutes, the Gosport Godspell Secondary School Choir wouldn't stop singing, as they rallied their 'green' players for one last effort and a consolation goal.

Although the likelihood of a strike from their 9 looked decidedly 'Ife' - as the cheeky youngster, who looked like he has the backing of a Kardashian or two, was well marshalled by the experienced Jarrad Wright.

In the end, the contest turned into little more than a training match but was great experience for the Hampshire Outfit as when they mature more and go on to better things.

Like the Solent tide - the Club's luck will turn and their time for glory will arrive.

Children's Hour will come again.

On the Merthyr front, Ian Traylor was again outstanding and Jaye Bowen led the Away side a merry dance for the whole time he was on the field.

In the end, it was an easy victory for Town with three more points to ease the relegation fears for those remoaners on the Forum.

Greater tests with away ties at Weymouth & Hitchin coming up but like throwing at hedgehog at a
fete n gala dartboard....points make prizes.


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