Spytty-ing Feathers

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Spytty-ing Feathers

Post  Boz1964 on Wed Jul 19, 2017 4:58 pm

Spytty-ing Feathers

With less than a few weeks left of the close season, football scouts are at their busiest, trying to find suitable candidates to fill up their squads in anticipation of a long Winter ahead.

With football now being a global sport, interest in enticing Merthyr players from our Club has never been so rife- and not just Hereford scouts hanging about with pieces of silver too.

As the players from Merthyr lined up clad in red and with old rivals Newport County neatly turned out in their traditional Amber and Black - there was never likely to be a clash of colours either, as from above a passing American drone satellite looked down on the Penydarren Park spectacle with President Trump looking on.

To quell the multitude of harbingers of doom on this forum, he was heard to say of the Merthyr formation:-

'You're in such good shape- beautiful'.

I could only assume it was the 'Macron' kits they had on.

And Merthyr did look in good shape too.

Despite the facts that both teams had more trialists than the Merthyr and Newport Combined Court rooms -what was a pretty even contest suddenly developed into a football match.

If there was no colour clash between the teams there certainly was a generation gap, as the young children of Gwent took on their grandparents in a game reminiscent of Bryan Glover in the film Kes.

But to suggest that the young up and coming professionals of Newport County were 'pampered' is wrong, as it is by playing on panoramic grounds like Merthyr that will enable these youngsters to cut their milk teeth, if they are to start a career in the big leagues.

Watching these footballing fledglings fly is great for the spectator, as these youngsters run around like headless Duracell bunnies with little regard for their own personal safety.

In amongst this midfield warren, was the lowly figure of Kyle 'Kindergarten' Copp, with his bright eyes burning like fire, as he became the footballing version of myxomatosis.

Bending the ball like Beckham, he spread the ball wide to the ever dribbling Ian Traylor, who teased and tantalised the Newport Watership Down defence like they were trapped in his car headlights.

And if it wasn't for the strong performance from their trialist keeper, Rodney Parade, he would have added his name to the scoresheet in the first half.

The 'Buck' stopped with him every time, as it seemed nothing could get passed him - like being in a narrow corridor with Dawn French.

At the other end, Scott Tancock and young 5 Baldwin were 'forging' their own line of steel against the iron men.

The game ebbed and flowed with both sides cancelling each out, as the 'exile'-ent Newport Academy protégés piled on the pressure on their footballing seniors, who seemed to be a little disjointed, with normally accurate passes spinning into touch or being overhit on a damp artificial surface.

The first goal of the game came after the left hand winger crept behind our full back ( In like Flynn?) and crossed low and hard ( like a Malpas dwarf with a flick-knife) only for it to find a trialist, who slammed the ball passed his relative, Merthyr keeper A Trialist for an early lead.

Merthyr huffed and puffed (like an asthmatic Honey Monster) but could not blow the Newport house down with the closest being a Copp effort that the outstanding blue keeper turned onto a post and of course Kerry Morgan thumping the crossbar with a well hit shot.

That guy seems to hit more bars than George Best and Paul Gascoigne combined.

It there ever is a Soccer AM Merthyr crossbar challenge I know who my money is on.

The half ended with the youngsters ahead 1-0 and on the balance of what was a poor half probably a fair score line.

Friendlies are all about trial and error and are the right time to experiment with changes in personnel and tactics.

Sadly, they can also be about picking up injuries too and one of the young Newport Rabbitohs had to be stretched off with a suspected broken leg.

Let's hope it turns out to be his lucky rabbit's foot and the injury isn't too severe- after all our own Merthyr Messi was ruled out for two full seasons after that cruncher against Carmarthen.

With the half-time beer queue reminiscent of the Merthyr Job Centre of the 1980's, I decided to take advantage of the stoppage caused by the Amber gambler for some Amber nectar and thankfully, unlike last season this time I didn't miss any goals.

With the players tiring on both sides, the Merthyr from the rigours of their day jobs and the Newport youngsters being passed their midweek bedtimes, the last twenty minutes of the game opened up - and chances started to come on both sides of the field.

Merthyr had to make changes to their line-up in a last ditch effort to salvage the game.

And as the game became more stretched than the waistline of my Atalanta replica home shirt, Newport nearly put the game to bed.

In the best move of the game, a beautiful series of passes out of defence, in the fading Merthyr yellow sunlight created 'a goldie-looking chain' for the Newport side, as they scythed through the otherwise impeccable defending of Kyle Patton and a cross from the right bent into the net following a sweet glancing header from another trialist.

2-O and the game was up but the Merthyr linesman and Merthyr referee came to the rescue of their home town by ruling the effort out for offside.

On such decisions games are won and lost- or as on this occasion drawn- as less than sixty seconds later Merthyr were level after what initially seemed harsh for a push on a Merthyr forward in the box.

The incident happened when Gavin Williams in goal rolled the ball out to Gavin Williams at right back , who played the ball to Gavin Williams in midfield, showing his versatility he passed the ball to journeyman Gavin Williams in midfield, who flicked the ball to striker Gavin Williams who was bundled over in the box- Manager Gavin Williams protested vehemently from the sideline at the foul.

Just in case there is any doubt from the Thomases- he did not receive six separate appearance fees for his efforts- he doesn't exactly work for the BBC.

However, whilst not accusing the officials of being Homers ( it is not politically correct anymore) the referee camera showed that the decision was justified as the push actually happened in an earlier incident in the first half - but only now was the red-faced referee catching up with play.

Was it Ruff justice on Spytty the Dog ?

You betcha.

But nobody could complain about the ferocity of the spot kick from Stuart Fleetwood, as even former Newport Director and new Merthyr Town Chairman ( if Fleetwood Smack rumours are true) Frank Carson said 'it's a cracker'.

And there was almost a karma-induced moment too for Matthew Harris.

Two years on the sideline dreaming of his return, the Merthyr Messi found himself behind the sleeping Newport defence (kid-napping?), in on goal with only the keeper to beat - his ankles strained and creaked but he valiantly stayed upright and hit a shot on target.

Hadn't their goalkeeper ever read the script of Gregory's Girl, Escape from Victory or When Saturday Comes?

Because the little b@stard 'Gwent' and saved it.

Anyway, in the end an honourable draw with the Newport Trialist keeper outstanding, but with special mentions for Coppie, Patton and the substitute 12 for Merthyr -who also impressed in his cameo- but if I was Newport I would be spitting feathers at the two decisions that cost them the game- albeit a friendly encounter.

But it is only a friendly and results don't matter one bit.

Let's hope we both get our injured players back fit again for the season and SuperGav got the mobile number of this party pooper from between the sticks.

I suspect we will need him.



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Re: Spytty-ing Feathers

Post  cliffyboy on Thu Jul 20, 2017 7:36 am

1-1 was a fair result IMO. Our No 8 (trialist) was excellent in midfield hope we sign him whoever he is!


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Re: Spytty-ing Feathers

Post  rustic on Thu Jul 20, 2017 8:20 am

He did do well I also thought the keeper done pretty well,will be interesting to see them against more experienced opposition.Hope the young Newport player is not to badly injured.


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Re: Spytty-ing Feathers

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