Good Luck For Next Season

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Good Luck For Next Season

Post  SwanseaJack(SgorioFruit) on Fri Apr 28, 2017 3:49 pm

There is something about driving up from Swansea to Merthyr to watch a football game being played in the English football pyramid that feels special.
Myself being aged 33, remember the good old days going down the vetch field to watch the Swans in all divisions they played in. Playing the likes of Crewe on a Tuesday night in the pissing down rain.
I love the Swans through and through and will always watch them. And us Jacks have been spoilt over the last decade and more. Maybe our premier league story has come to an end, not quite yet, but maybe its premier league curtains for the Swans.
As some of you will know I am a huge follower of Welsh football and look out for all results each week. This season I have managed to get up to Colwyn Bay, Rodney Parade, and Penydarren a few times. And down the Liberty stadium of course.

I was in the crowd on my own watching the Martyrs on Wednesday evening and I felt gutted at the end. Felt awful walking back to my car. A sickened feeling, after watching you hammer them for 90 minutes and more. Felt robbed and its not even 'my' club. When I was driving down the heads of valleys road back home I realised the gutted feeling I felt was more for the fans of Merthyr Town than for my silly addiction to welsh football. You guys don't half know how to follow a football club with passion. I'm writing this and trying not to sound cheesy, but there always seems to be a buzz, a good feeling around the club , its ground and its people. Ok social media plays a huge part in football these days, especially for armchair fans like myself. But its great to get off your arse, make the journey up there and get involved with watching the game.

It is extremely difficult to get Swans tickets for their home games (£40 a pop). I mean I could get one seat for myself but there isn't much option to buy two seats next to each other each week. Which means I cant go down to watch the Swans with my Mrs or father etc, It kind of puts me off, which leaves me wide open to be slated by my fellow Jacks. But I don't care, I'm far too busy with work and especially now with a newborn baby in the house that football sometimes takes a back seat.
I love the Swans being in the premier league and never want them to be anywhere else, its the best league in the world and all that. But what happened to meeting the lads for a few pints in the pub, all walking into the stadium, without having to prior purchase tickets and standing there watching your team from the stands, have a good chat, and walk back to the pub after the game etc etc etc? It seems that togetherness has slipped away a bit. I'm speaking personally of course. But quite a few lads I used to go down the vetch with still religiously attend the liberty each game but sit no where near each other, dictated by their season ticket availability.

Merthyr Town FC on match days provides that buzz for me, I have a passion for lower league football and always have. But its just an issue of distance each week. It means I have to drive up, which limits my social involvement of popping into the Park View for a few pints with the lads. I have been looking at train times and such, but it would mean me leaving at around 9am and getting home around 8pm.

Anyway I digress from the point I'm trying to make.
Merthyr Town are on the up, fighting back with 3 promotions to play in the league they were originally playing in and within two seasons reaching the play offs is more than what I call sustaining your position. I can see Gavin Williams and the players doing well again next season, and using this season as a benchmark for future performances. Second highest goal scorers of the division this season, best goal difference of the league. I can see you hitting the ground running next season and picking up where you left off.
I don't want to talk about Wednesday's game because I wont be saying anything you don't already know, you played them off the park, done everything you possibly could, there was only one player that kept them in the game. I'm truly gutted for you, but its time to move on, however painfull that is. But the potential is clearly there to do well. The damn play offs is such a lottery and penalties absolutely makes me sick, such a cruel way to end a game.

I hope you all enjoy your summer. I will be there for your first game of the season in a few months time and looking forward to that new fixture against Hereford.
I will get myself to an away game or two next season.

I have invited to this forum one or two jacks who look out for Martyrs results each week. And hope to continue spreading the word of Merthyr Town.

Keep your heads held high lads, as disappointed you will be this week, you have achieved well by reaching 3rd place this season. Go and smash it next year.

Until August...........

Hwyl Fawr

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We're alright Jack

Post  Boz1964 on Fri Apr 28, 2017 4:28 pm

Evening ScorioFruit,

It appears that you have been bitten by the Merthyr Bug and that fruit is now cross pollinated with Martyr Seed.

Please don't think there is a them and us at Merthyr Town, anyone who is privileged to watch our Club on a season ticket basis is as welcome as those who come to watch the occasional game.

Once kick-off comes we are all Merthyr fans whichever terrace or seat you sit in.

Frequency is not an issue but togetherness is.

We at Merthyr love fans who visit their 'littler brother' and there is no law against following more than one Club especially if it makes economic sense.

Jack, Bluebird or County all are welcome at Penydarren Park to cheer on their Celtic cousins.

We offer something the 'Parent Clubs' do not.

A sense of belonging.

Remember once that 'bug' digs deeper under your will 'appeel' to you more and more until you like others become part of the 'core' following.

We love to see new supporters who will cheer OUR club to the G M Conference ( Not Genetically Modified Pear) and help our Community Club reach new heights.


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Re: Good Luck For Next Season

Post  Mr Men 1969 on Mon May 01, 2017 3:29 pm

Great post Swansea Jack

Mr Men 1969

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Re: Good Luck For Next Season

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