Owners' Meeting

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Owners' Meeting

Post  Merthyr Imp on Thu Mar 16, 2017 5:09 pm

A few highlights of tonight's meeting.

There were about 16 to 20 members present, including Board members, a similar number to the last such meeting despite the attraction of a question and answer session with Kit Symons.

The former Welsh International player was first up, with several questions put to him, starting with why he is known as 'Kit'. The answer being that his name is actually Christopher, but that he had
been known as Kit from childhood (except to his mother). He went on to name the two managers who he had most learned from as a player - Jim Smith and Kevin Keegan. Similarly, he named the two most memorable players he had played with as Ryan Giggs and Portsmouth goalkeeper Alan Knight.

He gave his views on various subjects such as young players coming into the game today, the importance in this day and age of the team captain and the role in football these days of sports psychologists, mentioning ex-Martyr Ian Mitchell. He did point out that there was plenty of such psychology going on in the 'old days' but it just wasn't called that!

There was some discussion about Wales's chances in the World Cup qualifying campaign and of last year's European adventure.

In the next segment of the evening there were questions to the club, with in view of the apparent lack of interest once again in meetings such as this one, the suggestion being made they could be held pre-match on a Saturday afternoon. A suggestion was made that there could be a sort of liaison officer between the club Board and the rest of the supporters. There was also some debate over the lack of people putting themselves forward for a place on the Board in the recent round of elections.

Finally, Gavin Williams came in to answer questions. Referring to Saturday's game with Chippenham he gave the information that Ryan Prosser was unlikely to be fit due to the niggling back injury he is suffering from, Keyon Reffell would be serving the first of his three-match suspension and Scott Barrow the last of his.

In response to a question about player discipline he said he had just had a meeting with the players about this subject.

Queried about whether Ben Watkins would be returning from his loan spell he said that he was a player who currently needed to be starting games regularly, and it was maybe preferable to have him do that rather than just be on the bench at Merthyr. With regard to his own fitness, Gavin said he thought the team had been playing well enough without him, but that he would be waiting to see how he came through the pre-season period in the summer. When praised for the quality of the players he had brought into the club, especially loanees, he thanked the club for its backing in allowing him to do so. He said he was aiming to bring in a goalkeeper as cover for Oliver Davies, but it was likely such a player would only feature in the squad if needed. Regarding Academy players being in the squad to make up the numbers of substitutes when there were less than 5 on the bench, he considered there were none really ready for it in terms of their development.

Having started at around 7.40pm, the meeting ended at about 9.15pm
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Re: Owners' Meeting

Post  bazza on Thu Mar 16, 2017 9:14 pm

I noticed at last Saturdays game there was a keeper warming up with Oli so maybe Gav's got one lined up already..


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