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Hitchin Scalp

Post  Boz1964 on Tue Feb 21, 2017 5:07 pm

Hitchin Scalp.

As we go into the business end of the season, It is getting extremely sticky at the top of Evo-Stik Premiership.

Whilst Merthyr Town have been 'head n shoulders' above most teams at home this season, tonight was a different proposition.

They entertained a Hitchin side that showed who put the 'Hurt' into Hertfordshire.

They came with a game plan to hassle, annoy and frustrate Merthyr and agent provocateur in chief, was their midfielder who wore the number 8 on his back.

The game was barely started before he began putting his fingers in the faces of main threats of Keyon Refell and Ian Traylor.

I can only assume he was a big Quentin Tarantino fan, as that 'Hateful Eight' Dan Druff, ran around the pitch like a 'reservoir dog' snarling and kicking anything that moved, whilst throwing himself to the floor with more regularity than a two-year with a temper tantrum in a sweet aisle of a supermarket.

Disruption was the name of his game with little thought for football but more to ensure that Merthyr didn't end the match with a full compliment of players.

He succeeded too, as his gamesmanship and antics ended with Scott Barrow man-marking the footballing equivalent of Piers Morgan giving his Hitchin Scalp, a centre back parting.

Even so the game for the first fifteen minutes or so saw Merthyr home debutante,
Magnificent 7 , Jack Compton, firing home the opening goal of what proved to be a rather feisty physical encounter between two of the divisions top teams.

If the Canaries thought coming to our 'Wild West' frontier town would be easy then they were mistaken.

Merthyr were unbeaten all season long at home and this 'High Noon' shootout between play-off rivals was always likely to have an edge about it.

I suspect this will not be the last such encounter this season between these evenly matched sides.

Hitchin in the shape of their lively number 2 raided the right flank with Barrow on the back foot for most of the the first half.

Upfront, their Alice- band clad Ivan Campo lookalike striker tried hard to touch the ball but failed miserably, as our defence stroked the ball around him with ease.

Somewhat strangely, no sooner than Merthyr had taken the lead but like a tortoise with a head cold, they began to retreat back into their shell.

Hitchin then dominated possession and proceeded to win the first half bragging rights, after bundling home an equaliser from a low shot from the edge of the box.

It had been coming and was deserved, as once again their 2 , Kane Smith broke with his pace down the right, overturned our Barrow and caused panic at the disco.

The Halftime came with Merthyr a little fortunate to be level with the Away Side much more prominent.

In the half-time interval, Supergav sent Clarkie to the Merthyr Police station to report our strikers as missing persons.

Whilst something was definitely missing on the pitch and there was also a big G-g-granville shaped hole in the stand too.

The second half started much as the first with the away side using every trick in the book to unsettle Merthyr, with pushes, shoves and niggles not punished by the referee.

Once Ashley Evans had been cautioned, I knew the writing was on the dressing room wall and Merthyr would be reduced in personnel by the intimidatory tactics of the visitors.

Bickerstaff by name Bickering Staff by nature.

Unfortunately, the testosterone level of Scott Barrow reached boiling point and whilst midfielder 'Hateful Eight' was on his knees for the umpteenth time, once again paying homage to Mecca ( a local bingo hall) the fullback decided on an impromptu basis that he no longer wanted to be a professional footballer but was now intent on a career in body piercing.

Whilst, you cannot expect to torment and rile players without repercussion, the Hitchin version of Robbie Savage - Lily Savage- had got the result he came for.

A red card and Merthyr up against it.

They would not have achieved their draw without his streetwise gamesmanship, which was completely ignored by the officials and resulted in the inevitable handbags after the final whistle, when he nearly got what he really deserved from hard man Jarrad Wright - which was
a Hitchin hit chin.

Once the visitors took the lead from a poorly defended corner, it seemed that Merthyr's unbeaten home record was about to be shattered but the late substitutions of the Holy Beard, Speedy Corzales and Eliot Richards restored the balance, and coupled with the strong headwind stopped the ball being returned with interest by the Hitchin defence.

Just as it seemed Hitchin would hang on for a devastating Away Win, forces from on high kicked in and Merthyr got an unlikely equaliser credited to Corey Jenkins.

But anyone who knows Penydarren Park's tradition of the 'spirit in the sky' would know that it was the 'Welsh Cap' of the late Granville Morris who surely got the final touch.

I could have kissed the non-eunuch linesman's bald pate, when he indicated the ball had crossed the line.

It was a real pleasure to see a linesman with pair of bollocks for a change.

As confidence now oozed back into Town, the ten men strangely nearly scored twice through the now dominant in the air Prosser.

It left the fans wondering what if he had played from the start?

In the end, the draw felt like a win, even though the result has harmed both sides chances of play off superiority.

I suspect we will face the irritating Hitch in the playoff matches, when it will be winner take all then.

Let's hope they aren't as nerve racking as today's draw, or cause me to tear out my remaining follicles.

I don't want to choke on my hairy pie or pasty.

I especially don't like Sutton death games.



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