The one show "3G Pitches

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The one show "3G Pitches

Post  Twyn Jasper on Wed Jan 18, 2017 3:54 am

Anyone see the one show last night? RE-3G pitches and the alleged link with cancers from the associated rubber crumb which is predominantly made from recycled tyres, apparently apart from the rubber there are several toxins in the crumb that are carcinogenic. There were some people on with cancer claiming that their cancer could have been caused by contact with the toxins in the crumb? The football association are of the opinion that there is no evidence of such a link. I am of the opinion that no player is in contact with the crumb for any length of time to contract any skin ailment.

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Re: The one show "3G Pitches

Post  douggolfer on Wed Jan 18, 2017 5:31 am

I read a similar article 18 months ago!!! At he time I believe a player in the lower league contracted cancer!!!I think the parents believed it was due to his playing on 3G.
The BMA and Fa stated they had found no evidence to suggest that the cancer was a direct result of the 3Gpitch,
unfortunately there are lots of carcinogenics in the environment of which we are exposed to daily that could have a effect on our health,
I believe a body of 3Gpitch producers had a survey of the crumb, no conclusive factor's were found!!!!
Perhaps the FA should have a in depth survey on the crumb and the carcinogenic effect it may hold.
Its always sad to hear someone as contracted cancer.


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