Mistake & Lydney Pudding

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Mistake & Lydney Pudding

Post  Boz1964 on Tue Dec 13, 2016 4:49 pm

Mistake & Lydney Pudding

What is about the match against our least favourite Swindon opponents that always makes me hungry.

The mere mention of Chippenham always has me salivating and sniffing about for food.

It didn't help with the divine waft of food emanating from Webley's Bar which now offers pre- match and post match meals.

First, I could smell fish fingers, then it became kebab and finally curry.

It was very off-putting for us fans and must have been even more distracting for the match officials.

Perhaps that was the reason the near side linesman emerged late from the tunnel just in time for kick-off, although by the end of the match I wish he had stayed in the changing room for the full 90 minutes.

Whether he was busy stuffing his face or had decided to 'change ends' is unclear- perhaps he did a Jason Puncheon or he was trying hard not to emulate Gary Lineker but he and his fellow official certainly had a major impact on Merthyr not keeping a clean sheet.

The match started well enough for the Town with little over seven minutes on the clock, the Holy Beard had risen again to meet a cross from the right from the byline hugging Keyon Refell.

Not having to worry this time about an away keeper with cannibal tendencies, he could concentrate on football and easily nodded the Martyrs in front in the game.

The second course was served some 23 minutes later, with a similar move left the aptly named goalkeeper Darren Chitty spitting Prosser hairs after another divine chip caught out the Swindon rearguard.

With the halftime arriving Merthyr looked so comfortable it was a little unnerving.

I checked the Imp Programme for a misprint....surely this side playing us weren't second in the league?

No sooner than the second half had kicked off than the Prossiah could have added two more goals to his brace inside the first two minutes.

And then the game inexplicably changed following a lack of communication between our Centre Half and our fledgling goalkeeper.

Whether it's was a Tancock-up or Ollie had got us into 'another fine mess' is not certain but with echoes of the Slough game, Merthyr got caught out by a sucker puncheon .

It is becoming clear we are having difficulty in holding onto leads and especially we cannot afford when being 2-0 up to rest on our 'Laurels.

After free-scoring striker Sandell had found our Achilles Heel and brought the Away side back into the game, the stadium was as silent as a Southern Railway Station Platform.

It was totally against the run of play and really unjustified- but that's football for you.

Even so, the Merthyr side were so dominant it needed a stroke of luck or a bad refereeing decision to change the match.

Step forward Robert Kilroy Silk.

Already a fans favourite for his wonderful performance last year, he endeared himself to the Merthyr Faithful even more with the award of a penalty to Chippenham.

Both he and his linesman conspired to give a soft penalty and a major helping hand to the Wilting Wiltshire Side and dug Manager Collier out of a real hole.

With centre- half Curtis McDonald having a season ticket for Merthyr DW sports gym out-muscling the Chippenham forward with a shoulder to shoulder push in the box, the gruesome twosome decided diabolically to point to the spot and gifted the ineffectual Away Side a lifeline.

It was said at halftime that 2-0 is a dangerous scoreline, especially when the Chips are down, but I honestly felt that without that 'helping hand' from the officials, then Chippenham had less chance of scoring than a blind whittler with a rubber pen-knife.

I even thought the Second Placed Team in our League were 'kidding' when they brought on pint size child substitute Nuno Felix to mark Ryan Prosser's knees.

The event was one of pure comedy, as the mismatched pair looked like an episode of the Two Ronnies - or more like Ryan & Ronnie (Corbett)

However, Jarrad Wright did his own version of marking a knee,when he clattered into the Chippenham 7 near the touch line, and whilst it was a fair challenge the poor midfielder wasn't likely to rejoin the game after a clash with the Rhondda Rocky.

The female physio looked concerned that their player had now joined the exclusive Club alongside past members Adolph Hitler, Lance Armstrong and Alan Stubbs.

To rub salt into our Chips, old Kilroy Silk and Andrex Flag had another conflab and decided that naughty old McDonald had verbally abused the linesman over the penalty decision and showed the Clogger a red card.

He was merely suggesting to the linesman what all us fans were thinking in that he must be related to the Chippenham goalie.

As he was Chitty too.

The linesman took offence ( probably because he said it in front of the Wiltshire Wunderkind) and Curtis became the first Merthyr playing to be sent off for 'Dissent-ry'

Even though they were one- man down the last 15 minutes saw the Home Side pressing for the winner, with the Away side hanging on to their precious undeserved point.

And they lived dangerously too as one thunderous blast from the left peg of Barrow nearly forced the winner but for a magnificent reverse one handed tip over from their keeper - who lost a digit in the process.

It was a case of Bang- Bang Chitty- a fine four fingered friend.

The referee then slowed down the pace to a crawl by showing several players yellow for innocuous challenges before replacing the 'get out of jail free' card he had earlier produced for the Chippenham Colliers back in his wallet.

A great Merthyr game of 'Monopoly' football was spoiled by the over-officious officials and robbed the Team of two further Play-Off points.

Man of the Match for me was the free-running creative Keyon Refell ....at least there was one good 'Ref' on the pitch.

With a two-two draw, the end result was not 'just dessert' for their efforts, it leaves the Merthyr Management with much 'food for thought' - still unbeaten at home - but the chance to 'fry' the chips tonight went a begging.

But more importantly the lesson for our players is that we shouldn't fear anyone in this league as we have played them all thus far off the park- we just need to see out games from a winning position.


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