Smells like Teen Spirit

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Smells like Teen Spirit

Post  Boz1964 on Tue Oct 04, 2016 4:27 pm

Smells like Teen Spirit

'You can't win anything with kids' was the infamous Alan Hansen quote about Man United in 1995.

The same could be said about playing in the Southern League no-challenge Cup tonight, as two teams with the average age of around 12 took centre stage at Penydarren Park.

The New Kids on the Lok both from Cinderford and Merthyr tried hard to emulate the grown ups but fell woefully short of quality and a cutting edge.

I honestly feel that the game could have gone on for another two hours without a meaningful shot on goal - and it could have too - only that most of the participants had geography homework to hand in to school in the morning.

No sooner than the bell had rung for PE to start, than the baby Martyrs had the first real chance of the game, when two shots in quick succession were hit straight at the Cinderford keeper and rebounded to safety.

Whether the shocking pink shirt was distracting for the teen strikers or it was down to the clever positioning of the goalie but whatever it was - it seemed to work, as the keeper was very alert to any goal threat.

Pinky was Perky indeed.

The omens were there that the young Forester between the sticks was destined to be the Man of the Match, as Sapling Bowles was much the busier in the first half.

Despite being the only senior players on the pitch, SuperGavin Williams and Scott Tancock, ran the show in midfield and defence respectively like an old Ruud Gullitt and a young Jaap Stam but the young Foresters weren't showing signs of Dutch Elm disease easily 'clearing' any danger as soon as it hit their defensive tree-line.

One slide pass from Gavin put in our young winger but once again his lack of experience and composure in front of goal let him down.

Merthyr could and possibly should have been right 'royally' up by 4 or 5 at halftime, bar for the performance of 'Crown ' Green Bowles.

With the disappearance of Gavin & Tancock down the tunnel , so too went with it any quality and a remaining hope of a goal in 90 minutes with the inevitable happening and the game petering out for a no score draw.

Rumours abounded that these two had been reported to Gloucester Social Services for their harsh treatment on the pitch of the Cinderford kids.

The rest of the game was played out in midfield with less corners than a Rubik cube all game.

Mercifully, the referee blew for full time in a match neither side really wanted to win.

It went to penalties and time for Bowles or Clarke to step up to the plate.

Cinderford missed their first and Merthyr scored theirs through the brilliantly entitled
Charlie Loss.

Whose name sounded like an alias for a careless Gurnos drug dealer.

Cinderford then nearly broke our woodwork with a shot that rebounded off the bar landing outside the penalty area.

Then the young Martyrs suddenly lost their nerve playing on the big stage, as a lot of the youngsters, resembled Labour MP Ed Balls as they too lost their deposits.

There was a waft of something from the pitch but it didn't smell like teen spirit.

Step forward hero of the hour, Bowles to save the Foresters blushes.

He repelled the Martyrs with one save straight out of Playstation's FIFA 17 sending Cinderford into the next round and Nirvana at the same time.

A match winning performance from the debutant loanee keeper who was outstanding on the night.

He was run close by their number 8 , a dead ringer for former Man United winger Januzai who displayed some fancy footwork and close ball control to rival that of MP Ed on Strictly.

The fresh faced teenager was given the free- derm of the Park and ironically scored from the 'spot' too.

They may not be Men United but the kids are alright having delivered a different 'Hanson'
Mmm bop to Mmmerthyr's chances of retaining their trophy from last year.

A decent workout for the youngsters in a match that was for the most part well refereed.

It was certainly no 'thriller' but as Michael Jackson once said 'the children are our future' and with clubs the size of Merthyr and Cinderford with limited budgets, we will have to nurture these fledgling players, if we are to continue our 'progress through stability' both on and off the pitch.



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Re: Smells like Teen Spirit

Post  OWNES1 on Wed Oct 05, 2016 12:42 pm

How the hell did you get all that out of such a non eventful game?.


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Head in the I- Clouds

Post  Boz1964 on Wed Oct 05, 2016 2:19 pm

You have to remember Ownes that I dance to a different drumbeat to everyone else.

With the exception of Spike Milligan that is ....the grovelling B******



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Re: Smells like Teen Spirit

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