Dunstable Match Programme

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Dunstable Match Programme

Post  Merthyr Imp on Fri Aug 12, 2016 4:55 am

Some highlights from the programme for this game:

* The 'Memory Lane' match features a previous meeting with Dunstable with two goals on his debut by Nick Deacy.

* An entry from the Martyrs Literacy Project that took place at St Mary's Primary School earlier this year, with a report by one of the pupils on the Merthyr v Atalanta game.

* Part Two of the story of last season, with Ryan Green leaving the club and Ian Traylor scoring his 100th goal.

* The first in a new series of historical articles by 'The Drunken Historian'.

Plus all the usual features, information and stats for a beggarly £2.00

Help the club financially and get your copy at the ground, or contact Matthew Davies and prod him into sending you a copy by post:
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