The Color Purple.

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The Color Purple.

Post  Boz1964 on Sat Apr 23, 2016 2:12 pm

The Color Purple

After spending an evening at the Welsh Oscars viewing the impressive Martyrs of 87 DVD, I decided to view the whole thing again at the High Noon showing in the newly refurbished Romans 'Forum'.

With Uncle G-G-Granville in tow and Matt 'the Spielburg' Martyr hosting, the epic film was even better the second time around, despite the fact if it was missing the 'voiceover' from the 'best' winger 'beer can' buy -Ceri 'Georgie' Williams.

Having acquired one of the new limited edition 'Atalanta' shirts for my son, the Durham/Doha Exile, I promptly dispatched it to Qatar with my other son.

I didn't think it wise to send the accompanying DVD entitled 'Martyrs of 87' through customs to an Arab Country.

On the pitch, the Home Team were clad in the special edition black and blue Atalanta shirts and looked the business.

Poor slimline Glyn Garner though, had to make do with a lime green outfit that made him look like Kermit the Frog's middle finger.

But if the Garner Garb was bad- it was nothing compared to the awful 'Colour Purple' that Slough Town had decided to wear.

I can only assume it was chosen by Stevie Wonder, as they looked like a bad Prince Tribute Band.

On the pitch, the Cockney Rebels of Slough Town started the brighter and certainly had the best of the opening exchanges, but gradually Merthyr Town started to gain possession and soon had a 'purple patch' of their own, as the 'Atalanta' -clad hunted turned 'hunters' themselves.

In fact, for the next ten or so minutes, it was only the heroics of their luminous orange keeper, Dan Garine or Merthyr would have been out of sight.

He made some excellent saves (including one from a Traylor penalty ) which were World Class and looked pretty much unbeatable on the day, as shots 'purple rained' in from our own Atlanta 'Princes' Kayne McGlaggon & Keyon Refell.

Our strikers were too fleet-footed for the Slough defence and Merthyr could and should have had two first half penalties, bar for the ineffectual Stroud referee, as half an hour had elapsed and I was still awaiting a correct decision from him.

The first claim for a penalty, when McGlaggon was clobbered in the area, the appeal from the players and the leaping manager ( High Jenks?) was so loud, it even drowned out the new grandstand speaker system.

I noted that it's volume had been set to prevent birds nesting in the rafters- or in other words to the level 'when doves cry'.

All of our forwards were given rough treatment, as their shins started to match their black n blue shirts - the principal culprit being their 5, who seemed intent on getting revenge for Abel on Kayne.

The half-time whistle came with both sides level with Merthyr ahead in terms of goal strikes and possession with the opposition keeper the busier of the two stoppers.

Half-time came and went in the company of a cold lager from Webley's ( one of the few that had managed to hide from Ceri Williams) which just like our legendary striker - hit the spot.

Then came the first of two pivotal moments that swung the pendulum in favour of the Welshmen.

Goalkeeper Mark Scott, who up until then was having an outstanding day, suddenly injured his groin and had to be replaced by an unsuspecting outfield player who was forced to become a 'backhand' goalkeeper.

The game was aptly restarted with a 'dropped ball'.

Then the pace of our flying jet winger Ian 'Vapour' Traylor told on the right and his cross was met by the much improved scoring prowess of Keyon Refell to put the Home side a - head.

The 'Lavender Hill Mob' tried to rally but once they lost their Captain Dan Hicks for a dangerous slide tackle on Keyon Refell near the edge of the penalty area- then the game was up for the Away Side.

Refell was lucky not to receive a card for retaliation but given the purple shirt there was always likely to be a 'Barney'.

10 v 11 for some unknown reason rarely works tactically.

Despite his half-time Mars bar and Horlicks, even the Slough coach Voldemort knew he couldn't 'potter' with his side any more and went for damage limitation instead.

He was thinking ahead for next season to ensure that he retained his top keeper -soon to be out of contract- as he didn't want a 'Rebel without a clause'.

Once centre half Rhys Baggridge had out-jumped their defence for our second, there was only one winner.

To his credit, the stand-in keeper, saved one low shot from Traylor (who tried to nutmeg him) with his 'purple bricks', after his defence was less visible than an Internet based estate agent.

The Slough Management were reduced at this late stage in the match to watching the action unfold like super marionettes unable any longer to pull the footballing strings from the sidelines.

The only player left on their bench was 'scrabble' champion Pritpal Raju, who despite wearing the sum of his parts on his back, was brought on to make the numbers up (3+1+1+1+3+1+1,1+1+8+1). NB Ownes - I even worked that name in too.

So the season finishes on a high, with much optimism for next season, in the shape of the return of SuperGav for some 'Hammer Time' on the pitch, a speedy squad growing in confidence and experience and superb off-field facilities to enjoy for all.

Please use it in the close season, as the Club needs your financial support more than ever, if we are to grow next season on the pitch too.

We all should take pride in the rejuvenation of our fledgling club- as we all have played some part in the restoration of Taffs Well Exile United.

Finally, let's hope the windows in the Sponsors boxes are made of the better strength glass than Barry Thomas' spectacles, as unfortunately today his role of ballboy took on a new meaning.

Enjoy the break.

As the unsympathetic crowd certainly did make Whoopi.



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