Red Insure Cup

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Red Insure Cup

Post  hirwaunman on Tue Mar 08, 2016 10:20 am

It seems to be the fashion to make dismissive comments about this competition, and I know we entered only because of an oversight, but now we have got this far it would surely be worth putting out the strongest side we can muster with a view to winning. It's not as if we are in the promotion hunt or need to fear relegation so it would just add something to a season that would otherwise best be looked at as one of settling down at the higher level.
It will be interesting to see if Cameron Clarke gets to continue his opportunities in goal tonight - incidentally, what is the situation with Tom Bradley - has he left he club or is he still injured? I'm not sure why we needed to sign a replacement.
Best of luck to whatever team we put out tonight.


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Re: Red Insure Cup

Post  Boz1964 on Tue Mar 08, 2016 11:26 am

Whilst like all Fans, I would love to see us reach the final and nab a trophy in whatever guise it takes and like most fans unable (for work of personal reasons ) to attend in person, I will be Evo-Stick glued to the Forum hoping amongst hope that we can beat quality opposition from 'The Smoke' , I have resigned myself to the fact that our real 'trophy' this year is the refurbishment of the Candac suite to compliment our wonderful 3G pitch.

As the 'dreams and aspirations' ( that was for the politicians amongst us fans) become reality, I think we can be rightly proud of the 'Penydarren Park Phoenix' that has arisen from the footballing ashes and think how fortunate we are to still have a Valleys Football Team in the first place to support playing away in 'Europe' each week - whatever results we get.

Well that's my Excuse, self-defensive mechanism or Plan B working in case we lose C'Mon the Martyrs ....we Welsh love supporting the 'underdog' to victory.

As a pessimistic optimist that we have lost until we have won...that way I can never be disappointed.




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