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Frome for Improvement

Post  Boz1964 on Tue Feb 09, 2016 4:46 pm

Frome for Improvement

It has now been six months of successive rain in Merthyr and considering the 3G pitch has taken on more water than the Titanic, it held up well to facilitate an evening match against Frome Town.

In conditions not dissimilar to that experienced by George Clooney in a Perfect Storm, it was Frome Town who coped better with the 'Bath' time and belied their lowly position by taking an early lead with a header from a corner.

Veteran keeper Garner, tried to get a 'wriggle on ' but was unable to re-adjust his position, as the unmarked Frome player nodded his side in front with a somewhat tame touch to the delight of the Robins bench.

The early bird had got the worm.

The high and gusting wind may have played a part in the goal, as several of the leaping Robins seemed to fly sideways whilst in the air.

The Merthyr equaliser definitely owed something to the Greek God of the wind- Aeolus, as our makeshift midfielder Jarrad's flick -on flew faster than a Formula One car and landed 'Wright on the Button' in the top corner of the Theatre End of Dreams Frome net.

With sheets of rain falling and a strong, unpredictable wind blowing, it was like the scene from Blazing Saddles, as the Robins keeper Chitty tried desperately to avoid becoming further red-faced to match the colour of his red breast and teammates shirts.

On the sidelines Jenks & Co were starting to 'Frome' at the mouth, in anger at the number of misplaced passes and there was precious little skill on display from either side.

Up front , the Frome 9 was putting himself about and had a bit of a personal duel with our Captain Marble and one fracas resulted in a real finger wagging from the referee and the inevitable yellow card for him, as he slid in studs up and hai karated the ball back into the Frome half.

At one point one of our Home Players was treated to a free 'Studs tattoo' only for it to go unpunished.

Both the whistleblower and the young Bristolian linesman decided then to spoil further what was already a poor contest by booking innocuous tackles and flagging for offside for successive Merthyr moves.

At one point, I couldn't decide if the Lino was late flagging or had a predictive hand, as he seemed to have 'Yellow Flag viagra', as his arm just wouldn't go down on its own.

If the tempo of the first half led to a 'Fast Show' then the second half was more like a rush hour traffic jam, the wind would unpredictably drop suddenly,then restart, with the ball being blown of the corner spots and going out of play without warning.

Our usual consistent wingers found it hard to gauge the pitch speed and with the wet , windy 'Greecy' surface it was only our tough- tackling centre- half Baggridge that could cope with the conditions.

Rhys was the word, and the time and the motion.

With the half time score 1-1 and the Somerset Level, the Management tried to switch to three upfront.

On came the Holy Beard, to link up with the energetic Kaynomite and the Thierry Henry shape of Keyon Refell , as the winger tried to add some Va Va Va Frome to the attack, as the speedy trio turned Clio.

But sadly there was to be no Frome Party at the Park.

In fact, the Away side had one spell of pressure, in which the ball pinged around the Merthyr Area like a pinball in an arcade game, as they ensured the home players suffered a major
'Men Dip' in Form.

It was in fact the 81st minute, when Merthyr got their first shot on target and worked the keeper, as there was precious little 'Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang' flying about on the night.

In the end, Merthyr had to thank Man of the Match Rhys Baggridge for the hard earned point, which keeps the Robins below us in the table and our recent unbeaten run going.

A fair result, with Frome deserving a point, as the Robins plucked a precious draw from our saturated ground.

It was certainly no classic, but it could have been worse, if Frome could have turned their pressure into goals but on a drier, less windy day, I do feel the result would have been different.

Frome for improvement?......most definitely - but I fear it won't be Frome at the Top but Frome at the Bottom- disappearing through the relegation trapdoor with near-Neighbours Paulton, Bedworth and the Old Biddies.

Meanwhile, I am optimistic our current squad, albeit devoid of creative spark will survive come end of season.



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Re: Frome for Improvement

Post  OWNES1 on Wed Feb 10, 2016 4:42 am

Or as a quote from a newly released film :Froome and doom:.


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