Pen Darren Park

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Pen Darren Park

Post  Boz1964 on Tue Feb 02, 2016 4:28 pm

'Pen' Darren Park.

I suppose with Brookmans Electrical Wholesalers sponsoring the match ball , there was never likely to be any sparks flying about on the pitch.

There certainly wasn't much for the Paulton manager to write home to Mam about on his pitch side notebook, as both teams - a young looking Paulton side with an average age of 21 ( With veteran defender Steve 'Willo' Williams the only one who looked old enough to get served without ID in an off- licence) playing against a Merthyr Squad side with only a smattering of first team players, played out a dire first and poor second half in the Red Insure Cup.

Up front for Paulton, was a diminutive young school kid - their number 4 , who looked and played like the ghost of footballer past, Kerry Morgan- and with one notable exception was Paulton's stand-out player, with a turn of speed and trickery that kept our back line of Wright, Baggy and Tancock on their toes.

'Boy of the Rovers' should have converted at least one chance that fell his way, when he was one on one with Cameron Clarke and it could have been decisive , as I feel that the game only needed one goal in normal time to settle the tie for either Club.

For Merthyr , our new 'Refell' ation, Winger Keyon went searching for his third successive match goal and should have hit the target both in the first half and the second, with shots that knocked chimney pots off the roof of a bungalow in Penydarren Park and a five storey house in the Walk.

Above the pitch, Storm Henry did its best to interrupt play, by casting down raindrops that seemed to injure successive Paulton Players, as they dropped to the floor with great regularity, as both sides struggled to entertain the comatose crowd.

One Paulton Fan, dressed in a fetching yellow 'Fisherman's Friend' mackerel-tosh coat, kept us entertained talking in 'Pirate' , although at one stage he became so frustrated with the lack of efforts on goal that he shoved Nigel, one of our Bristol-ian contingent out of the way, in an effort to watch the game.

I can only assume, he will appear on the 'Naughty' List next Christmas and not get the new wardrobe he badly needs from Santa.

On the pitch, the returning Prossiah was rediscovering his touch and threatened to go close, as he sent one 'laboured' shot , left of centre striking the billboard of Local Red MP Gerald Jones.

No matter how hard the Merthyr Players tried, there was no way past the Paulton defence, which has become more resiliant since the signing of Local Hero Steve Williams.

The Man of the Match, looked classy with his thoroughbred race horse stride and confident all round play and didn't look panicked at any stage.

It is said that great players seem to have more time on the ball and despite the weather conditions there was no sign of nerves or any of our strikers putting the wind in the Willos.

Half time -then Full time came and went' as both teams cancelled each other out, with Merthyr just shading the match, based on the amount of possession but nearly paid the price for their profligacy from wasted set plays.

The game went to the lottery of penalties and of course the chance for Cameron Clarke to regain his superhero status as ' the Silver Saver'.

Having won the match at Cinderford in the early rounds, he proceeded to prove his worth by saving the second Paulton penalty from Stuart Pearce and putting Town in the driving seat in the shootout.

With Bond hitting a 'Thunderball' for Merthyr's first, then a Prossiah miracle ( going through the hole in the hands of keeper Ben John) turning Paulton laughter into Whine for 2-1, Traylor scorched the goalkeeper's fingers for number 3, a Refell netburster which hit the roof of the net and another chimney on its way, followed by the winner from who else but Player of the Season elect - Captain Marble Ashley Evans for a full set of pens.

The Paulton Fans ( including Captain Birdseye) couldn't have looked more crushed if they had been sat on by an elephant - as their tie hopes went Rover and Out for another season.

As poor Willo left the field to rapturous applause from the home fans, he could hold his head up high with his individual quality performance , even if the post match meal was a visit to Chris Waddle's Pizza Hut on the way home.

Another win , once again inspired by the 'lucky charms' of the lime green boots of the Pant Leprechaun and a semi- final for the fans to look forward to.

Let's hope we get another home draw, hopefully after the opening of the new Webleys.

No pizza for our players but Chips next on the menu for Saturday?



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Re: Pen Darren Park

Post  OWNES1 on Wed Feb 03, 2016 10:43 am

Yet another curved ball for the title. Got all your puns, more entertainment off the pitch than on last night.


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Re: Pen Darren Park

Post  Boz1964 on Wed Feb 03, 2016 11:28 am

Let's face it OWNES ....that wouldn't be hard....Boz

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Re: Pen Darren Park

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