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Have you considered taking up refereeing?
Please do not think that starting young is the only route possible. Many ex players become referees when finishing their playing careers and get a great deal of enjoyment from the change of involvement.
Whilst some referees have the ambition to reach the International Panel (FIFA); for others, continued involvement putting something back into the game and being recognised by appointment to cup finals at local league level. The main advantages offered include:
Lots of fresh air and exercise.
Continued active involvement in the game you love.
Enjoyment - Yes you do have to put up with some moaning but the majority of people. connected with the game recognise that it would be much the poorer without referees.
Support doesn't end once you've passed your exam either. The South Wales Referees' Association and the South Wales FA offer additional training and support to referees to further their development and possible progression through the football system.
If you would like to know more about becoming a referee, contact the Association Referees’ Officer Carl Daughters e-mail him on referees@southwalesfa.co.uk.  Please note, you must be at least 14 years' old to take a referees' course.

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