West Auckland raise their prices

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West Auckland raise their prices

Post  White Flag Martyrs on Fri Oct 26, 2012 2:23 am

Northern Echo

Ebac Northern League First Division club West Auckland Town has been accused
of taking advantage of a well-supported rival after doubling ticket prices
for a forthcoming game. West Auckland has increased admission from GBP5 to
GBP10 for its game against Darlington 1883 on 10 November.

Darlington chairman Denis Pinnegar said he was "surprised and disappointed"
at the rise. He added that the increase was not discussed in advance with
the club or, he believed, the League. "I understand the extra cost of
hosting a potential of 1000 additional fans but the added income from the
gate and food-and-drink outlets would have been very significant at their
normal GBP5 per head," he said. "Darlington have a strong and loyal fan-base
who support the club in the league home and away and it looks as if they are
being taken advantage of."

Darlington is playing in the Northern League this season after being demoted
five Divisions by the FA. The club averages crowds of more than 1000 for
home and away games. But West Auckland secretary Allen Bayles rejected the
claim his club was taking advantage of the Quakers. He said the increase was
needed to pay for up to 25 extra stewards for the game against Darlington.
He added: "We've been advised to get quite a few stewards because of the
large crowd and that will have to be passed down. If we have to have police
on duty in the ground then we'll have to pay for them as well."

Northern League chairman Mike Amos said he believed it was the first time a
club had increased ticket prices for a game against Darlington. He added: "I
was made aware of this issue this morning and I have emailed West asking for
their views. There's nothing in the rules preventing West Auckland charging
as much or as little as they want."

However, Amos said it might be "less invidious" if West Auckland were to
charge GBP8 - the cost of an adult ticket for a Quakers home game. "I would
hope even now that for the sake of harmony, West might decide to charge GBP8
instead," he added.

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