Boreham Wood and Arsenal

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Boreham Wood and Arsenal

Post  White Flag Martyrs on Wed Oct 10, 2012 5:17 am


Blue Square Bet South club Boreham Wood have announced that Arsenal Football
Club, as a contribution to Non-League Day this Saturday, will donate their
official club coach to transport Wood`s first-team to Salisbury City for
their top-of-the-table clash. Boreham Wood, who have looked after the
Arsenal Ladies for the last seventeen seasons, have once again been blown
away by the kindness and generosity shown by the directors of Arsenal and
their coach company Ellisons.

Boreham Wood manager Ian Allinson, who made over a 100 appearances himself
for the Gunners, said: "When our chairman told me what Arsenal have done for
us, it took me back a bit. I can still remember clearly when I played for
Arsenal, it was such a special time for me and when we travelled on the team
coach we wanted for nothing. I know I'm biased but this type of gesture is
just typical of Arsenal. They are class, they never forget the underdog and
I can't tell you how appreciative we all are that they have supported not
just Non-League Day but ourselves in this way."

Arsenal's club secretary David Miles said: "We have enjoyed a very strong
relationship with Boreham Wood over the years and are delighted to have the
opportunity to help the team with their travel this weekend with the kind
assistance of Ellisons coaches. We wish Ian Allinson and his players all the
best for the match."

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